First Slice of Life Challenge Entry

It feels refreshing to sit down at the end of a long day.  Today was packed with my students sharing games they created and a meeting after school.  Then I got to enjoy going home and meeting my mom to begin bundling up my wedding invitations.  At first it seemed like the end was no where in sight, but after breaking for a nice meal, we were able to finish all of them in one evening.  My brother-in-law’s art skills are being used to address the invitations and they will be in the mail before I know it.  I am looking forward to a summer off to begin carrying out all of the other details!


2 thoughts on “First Slice of Life Challenge Entry

  1. jhaworthoy

    Welcome to the Slice of life. So…when is the wedding? My niece is getting married August 16th. Glad you will have the invitations in the mail soon. Jackie

  2. Ramona

    I can’t believe that you would join us near the end of the school year with your own wedding on the horizon. Kudos to you! Isn’t it fun when many hands can make light work? Welcome aboard!


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